Frequently Asked Questions

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Application and Nomination Eligibility

Application Process

Awardee Benefits

Selection Process and Criteria


Who can apply for these awards?

Any individuals or teams who work directly in the classroom with students: teachers, teams of teachers, etc.

School and District Admininstrators
Any individuals or teams who work in the operations or leadership of schools and districts: administrators, instructional coaches, etc.

Edtech Organizations
Any individuals or teams that work outside of a school district but within the education sector: for-profit education technology companies, nonprofit organizations, etc.

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I live outside of the United States. Can I still apply?

Yes, any international applicants may apply. Any international applicant who wins will receive one roundtrip ticket from the point of entry into the United States. For example, if someone from Kenya wins in a category, and the winner flies to Miami, EdSurge/Digital Promise will pay for one roundtrip flight from Miami to Mountain View.

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I'm in higher education. Can I still apply?

Yes, any higher education individuals or organizations may apply and/or be nominated.

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How many awards are given out?

Fifteen finalists will receive awards and be flown out to the Bay Area for the official awards ceremony.

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What happens if I'm nominated for an award by someone else?

When someone nominates you, we will send you a form that invites you to fill out 2-3 other questions and submit a video explaining your qualification for the award. If you would like to apply for another award, as opposed to the award you were nominated for, check out our list of awards.

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Can I apply for more than one award?

Yes, you may apply for as many awards (in your respective category) as you’d like. You may only apply to each award once, and you must fill out a separate application for each one. Finally, you can only win one award.

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What do I have to include with my application?

You should include a video with your application, following the directions described in the blue box on the application form (here's an example).

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How long should my video be?

Your video should be 2 to 3 minutes long.

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What will winners get for winning?

Finalists will win a free round-trip flight and hotel accommodations to the Bay Area, a seat and dinner at the Digital Learning in Innovation Awards Gala on November 20, and an official DILA Trophy and digital badge. Your work will also be featured on the EdSurge and Digital Promise sites.

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Where will my application and these video artifacts end up?

Outstanding videos will be posted on the DILAs site in an effort to share and proliferate successful edtech implementations. Select answers from your application may also be posted with your video.

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Do you have a rubric for the application?

Yes! Click here to view the rubric.

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What are the important dates in the application process?

Applications will open on April 15 and remain open until 11:59 PM PST on August 24. Judging will commence on September 1, and winners will be announced in late October. Winners will attend the Awards Gala on November 20.

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What will the selection process look like?

Judging will begin on September 1, 2015, and conclude at the end of October 2015. Check out the official DILAs rubric for scoring information.

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Who are the judges?

We are putting together a panel of respected judges who are pioneering thinkers and practitioners in education. Judges generously donate time each year to review, score and select all the submissions.

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How do I get information about sponsoring the awards?

Email Alice Myerhoff at or Chelsea Waite at and they will get right back to you with details.

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What are sponsor benefits?

Sponsor benefits vary by the type of sponsorship. The highest level sponsor will enjoy both the brand association with the DILAs and public recognition for sponsoring a specific award.

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