Open Door Policy

Oliver Sicat

Ednovate (Hybrid High Schools)
2014 Winner for Open Door Policy Award
About Open Door Policy Award

Shares what’s working and what’s not with other schools, makes visits and welcomes visitors, facilitates open collaboration between charters and district schools, and publishes resources for free public use.

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Ednovate is committed to making a positive multigenerational change not only in the lives of our students, families, communities, and the world, but also in our profession. We were founded by USC with the intention of not only learning what works and what doesn’t in personalized learning but also sharing that information widely to impact the work of teachers and administrators in LA, across the United States, and beyond.

To that end, we have given full access to our school to hundreds of visitors representing district, charter, and independent schools, school districts, community organizations, and nonprofits from across the United States and at least 10 countries in the last year alone. In order to help us all improve, we have shared our successes, and more importantly, our failures through well-read blog posts. Ednovate has shared our findings at more than 20 conferences and three TED talks and has served as a thought partner to some of the space’s leading practitioners in blended learning. One hundred percent of our network support team and school administration has traveled to schools within California and out of state to continue to learn and challenge our thinking in regards to space, time and the role of teachers, students and technology.

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Just as our students learn more quickly when they receive frequent, actionable feedback, we believe that as a field, student outcomes will improve the more we as educators can share our learnings with one another. While we would certainly never claim to have figured it all out when it comes to personalized learning, we know that in the last year alone, our willingness to share has influenced the thinking of teachers and leaders who impact hundreds of thousands of students every day.

As active members of the educational technology community, we have heard anecdotally that visiting USC Hybrid High has pushed our friends’ and colleagues’ thinking around what is possible in a personalized learning environment. We’ve been thanked by a variety of readers for our openness in sharing our successes and our challenges in our blog posts, and we have had rich, thought-provoking conversations with other organizations doing innovative work locally and nationally. Outcomes improve for all of our students when we engage in this type of dialogue, so we’re pleased to be able to have an Open Door to all those who want to come learn with us.