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2015 Winner for Sharing is Caring Award
About Sharing is Caring Award
Shares resources freely with peers and professional communities, actively contributes to a community of practice, and continuously evolves a personal learning network.
Provide an overview of the project, practice or product that your video represents, and how your work encompasses the principles and ideals of the award that you’re applying for.
As a connected educator, blogger, speaker, curator, and digital learning coach, I create and share digital learning resources for educators across my PLN and the globe. I have published several original guides, cheat sheets, and how-to videos to help teachers improve their skills. My number one goal is to transform classrooms and impact student learning by shaking things up! My blog is loaded with over 100 free resources and tips, as well as a completely free Google Cheat Sheets ebook. I have used my blog as a catalyst to share and learn! It has also allowed me to expand my own PLN on Twitter, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, Facebook, Voxer, YouTube, and Periscope–sharing, connecting and collaborating across many diverse platforms. In addition to my own blog, I have been invited to share as a guest across many other edtech blogs, podcasts, Google Hangouts On Air, and moderated many Twitter chats. I also love to connect in real life (IRL)! As a speaker and presenter, I have been privileged to connect and expand my personal learning network in face-to-face settings. I have presented at over 30 conferences this year, and it is a privilege to learn with my PLN in person. The Ignite speech I gave at ISTE this year was a highlight, where I shared my own blogging journey and issued the #shakeuplearning challenge to the audience and my PLN to share their voice. This experience opened so many new doors to connect, learn and mentor. It also gave me a new opportunity to help new bloggers find their voice. Being a teacher is not easy, but I have improved my practice through learning and connecting online, and I have helped other educators along the way. We are all better together! Isn’t that what sharing and collaboration are all about?
Explain the long-lasting impact of what you’ve presented in this video, and provide any qualitative or quantitative data that supports this impact.
In 2014, I launched ShakeUpLearning. My connections, as well as my personal growth as an educator, have skyrocketed since launching the blog. In less than two years, my reach and impact have gone global. From seeing my cheat sheets used by teachers and students in Australia to connecting with educators in Iceland on Google Hangouts–it’s unbelievable! I am proud to say the long-lasting impact of sharing and connecting is evident everywhere and on every platform I use. Shake Up Learning has been recognized as a Must Read EdTech Blog by EdTech Magazine, and a finalist for two Edublog Awards. Also, I was recognized as a finalist for Instructional Technology Specialist of the year by TCEA. Connecting face-to-face is also extremely valuable, and I have traveled across the US this year and presented at over 30 conferences. It’s amazing how relationships within my PLN can turn into friendships, and when you finally connect in real life, you must hug their neck! ShakeUpLearning has had over 1 million visitors to date, and hundreds of comments from across the globe. I now have over 11k followers on Twitter and over 10k email subscribers (from 30 countries) to the Shake Up Learning Newsletter. On Pinterest, I have more than 40 educational boards and over 7 thousand pins! With a total reach of more than 500,000 educators each month, it’s hard to deny the power becoming an active contributor online! There are many other platforms and numbers to share, but it will not fit it into the 300-word limit. While the quantitative data doesn’t lie, it’s the qualitative data that means the most to me. The best data I have is from the feedback I have received from members of my PLN. I have curated a few Tweets here:
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