2015 Mindful Data


Portland, OR
2015 Winner for Mindful Data Award
About Mindful Data Award

Manages, translates and delivers data to users in a manner that is understandable and actionable while maintaining security and clear, understandable privacy policies.

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Alma is a Holistic Student Engagement Platform, which integrates multiple school and district functions into a single data management system that chronicles state reporting, curriculum management, lesson plans, grades, report cards, school calendars, inter-school messaging and notes, student data, parent communications, and assessments. The SaaS platform has revolutionary ease-of-use because it is built on today’s most innovative practices for intuitive user experience and design. Further, because the platform integrates traditionally disparate SIS and LMS functionality into a seamless experience, educators are empowered with a 360 view of their students’ learning process all in one place. The Alma platform simplifies and streamlines workflow and communications for educators, enabling them to save valuable time to do more of what they love: teaching kids. To ensure every stakeholder can quickly and easily get the critical information they need on time, every time, Alma features data and information visualization at every step. The Role-based platform designed for administrators, teachers, parents and students gives users instant access to their relevant data through in-depth reporting tools and special features that enable at-a-glance views. For example, the color-coded Standards Tracker helps teachers readily see which learning targets a student has mastered and where they might be struggling to better plan their next lesson. Another example is the Alma school and directory (people) search that utilizes a unique card-based interface to bring important information forward instantly, such as current enrollment and attendance, or directly contact parents and staff with one click. Alma adheres to strict privacy policies and industry security standards, and has signed the SIIA/Future of Privacy Forum pledge. The platform is a permission-based system, so users see only the information they are permitted to access. To learn more, go to getalma.com and watch: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D7rwuxR-hog

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The K-12 software market suffers from two fundamental problems, which inhibit operational efficiency and educational efficacy. First, many of the tools available are more than 15 years old and generally outdated, unintuitive, and insufficient to meet the needs of today’s educators. The second problem is that the market is highly fragmented with disparate niche tools, which only provide a view into a sliver of a student. Alma aims to revolutionize education data management based on the belief that a single mission-critical platform can deliver robust, useful information to educators, parents and students through an experience as intuitive as that of a smart phone or tablet. To that end, Alma has developed the first Holistic Student Engagement Platform for K-12 schools, serving as a central hub of student information and learning that stakeholders rely on daily. The cloud-based SaaS solution improves student outcomes by empowering educators with a 360° view of their students’ learning process. Alma allows schools to do more with less, and saves districts a significant amount of time and money by reducing the number of technology tools required to serve administrators, students, teachers, and parents. Schools and districts in 37 states and 14 countries have already implemented Alma since its launch just 18 months ago. Once schools have input data into the system, 95% continue to use Alma consistently post-implementation. A testament to its innovative approach and strong offering, Google recently selected Alma as the first SIS provider to integrate with Google Classroom and showcase its Classroom API to the education community at large. Additionally, seven highly regarded education leaders and visionaries, including Steven Anderson, Eric Sheninger, Thomas Murray, and Adam Bellow, have joined the Alma Advisory Board because they believe in the company’s mission and ability to achieve results.