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2014 Winner for Mindful Data Award (Tie)
About Mindful Data Award

Manages, translates and delivers data to users in a manner that is understandable and actionable while maintaining security and clear, understandable privacy policies.

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LightSail is the only literacy accelerator that combines thousands of the highest interest, most engaging digital books with in-text assessments and real-time, actionable data for students and teachers. The LightSail platform uses cloze assessments, created by industry-leader MetaMetrics, to determine each student’s Lexile measure and adapts their personal library on-the-fly. In this way, students’ specific Lexile measures foster a unique reading experience in which they have access to “just right” content to drive literacy growth.

In addition to the cloze assessments, students take multiple-choice and short-response assessments directly in the text and teacher data displays are updated in real-time. Teachers have access to real-time alerts as well as in-depth data on student reading patterns and performance. In analyzing student data, LightSail is able to recognize trends in challenge areas and either make adjustments automatically or alert teachers to pedagogical foci to which they need to attend.

LightSail incorporates a Lexile forecasting tool that analyzes each student’s performance trajectory and provides personal guidance on expected growth. Students using LightSail are taught the direct correlation between cloze assessments and Lexile performance, and LightSail is seeing a significant trend of students reading closely and carefully and performing better on cloze assessments in order to see their growth accelerate. It is a virtuous cycle that is driving unprecedented levels of literacy growth.

Teachers use LightSail’s data dashboards to quickly and easily determine who needs help where. In addition to trends and individual alerts, LightSail provides teachers and leaders with item analysis categorized by Common Core standard so that teachers can focus their instruction.

For the first time, school leaders can see literacy performance for every student and classroom, every day. They can tailor PD to where it’s needed most. Further, LightSail sends key insights to every educator, every week, to support school teams.

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LightSail accelerates student achievement: Students reading on LightSail for just 30 minutes a day are seeing average Lexile growth of 200% over expected gains, as measured by MetaMetrics, creator of the Lexile framework. Over the summer of 2014, LightSail worked with the NYCDOE on a summer reading program that included 200+ students across seven district schools and three Community Based Organizations. Students read on average more than 23 minutes a day for six weeks, and significantly outpaced expected Lexile gains by nearly 170% (compared to the dreaded “summer slip” that plagues many at-risk students). No other broad-based literacy solution can compare to these student outcomes. LightSail is working with leading research groups including SRI International and Teachers College to document its results.

The potential societal impact cannot be understated – studies make clear that reading performance has the greatest impact on high school graduation; children who aren’t reading proficiently by fourth grade are four times more likely to drop out of high school. By accelerating achievement in literacy, the most high-leverage skill, LightSail is a catalyst for student success beyond the classroom.

In addition, LightSail meaningfully influences instruction for its school partners. Teachers report that access to real-time data is a game-changer – they move from understanding student reading levels once or twice per year to receiving progress checks daily. Please view LightSail's reviews on Common Sense Media, where LightSail is the top-rated ELA product, for authentic accounts of the powerful impact of LightSail data. Learn more at lightsailed.com/dila.

Lastly, LightSail's impact is far-reaching. Unlike most literacy solutions, LightSail serves all students, from struggling readers to gifted readers, and it fits with any literacy model. Today, students are using LightSail in grades 1-12. By combining significant student performance impact with nearly universal utility, LightSail is truly game-changing for student literacy.

Tie Winner for Mindful Data Award