Mindful Data 2


2014 Winner for Mindful Data Award (Tie)
About Mindful Data Award

Manages, translates and delivers data to users in a manner that is understandable and actionable while maintaining security and clear, understandable privacy policies.

Provide an overview of the project, practice or product that your video represents, and how your work encompasses the principles and ideals of the award that you're applying for.

Zaption is leading the revolution in video learning, offering best-of-class technology, a growing network of content partnerships, and the research and expertise to transform video into effective learning. Launched in the fall of 2013, Zaption’s online platform serves students and teachers in higher ed, K12 schools, and training organizations.

Zaption’s publishing platform turns passive video into active learning experiences that engage students and track their progress. Teachers, trainers, and students at all levels use Zaption’s intuitive authoring tools to build their own interactive video lessons by quickly adding images, text, quiz questions, and discussions to existing videos from YouTube, Vimeo, and private video libraries. These interactive “learning tours” are privately shared via a simple link or embedded in any learning management system. Zaption Analytics tracks all learner activity so teachers get immediate, actionable data to improve instruction and personalize learning.

Teachers have used educational video for decades, but until now they always wondered: what are my students learning as they watch? By tracking how students interact with rich video lessons and capturing their responses as they go, Zaption holds students accountable for watching a video and shows the teacher exactly what they learned along the way. Zaption’s easy-to-use video analytics enable teachers to see class trends and drill down into data sets on per question and per student basis. Whether video lessons are used as formative assessment or to spark rich, in-class discussions, teachers can quickly view and sort data to improve instruction for the whole class and individual students. Best of all, teachers tell us that Zaption’s analytics contain just the right amount of actionable data. One teacher even went so far as to call it her “analytics button of joy.” We couldn’t have said it better ourselves.

Explain the long-lasting impact of what you've presented in this video, and provide any qualitative or quantitative data that supports this impact.

Although Zaption is still a young company, we are dedicated to making video-based instruction the most powerful learning medium possible. This starts and ends with meaningful data. Today Zaption primarily presents data back to the instructor to help them make better instructional decisions. As our platform continues to mature, we will turn our attention to sharing that data with the students themselves, so they get real-time, formative feedback on their understanding of key concepts presented in a video. Eventually this could lead to adaptive learning paths where students are able to progress through a series of successive video lessons based on their individual needs and interests. While we are excited about the possibility of automating and personalizing video learning paths for students, we still believe that teachers should always be at the center of instruction. So as Zaption’s data sets get more complex, we will continue to place tremendous importance on simple visual designs that help teachers make actionable instructional decisions.

Given our research expertise, Zaption is continually studying the impact of our product. Numerous graduate-level studies have been conducted on the efficacy of learning with Zaption, and a federally funded study is currently in progress to understand how to deliver interactive video solutions on mobile devices. While it’s too early to share the results of these studies, there is a growing body of anecdotal evidence that Zaption’s video analytics helps provides important insights to improve classroom instruction; insights that were previously hidden from view. In addition, students at all grade levels report that Zaption helps them stay focused on the most important parts of a video, and 2/3rds say they would prefer learning with a Zaption video lesson over other forms of instruction.

Tie Winner for Mindful Data Award